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Bias in Periodicals
by Lorena O'English, Jane Scales - Last Updated Apr 21, 2015
Ever heard the saying “consider the source” in response to something that was questioned? The same advice applies to what you read – consider the source. Some of the information from this page has been taken from City Colleges of Chicago libraries.
Tags: media
Bibliographic Management Resources
by Jane Scales - Last Updated Aug 14, 2012
This page provides links to bibliographic tool and management resources such as Zotero, EndNote, EndNote Web, and citation counting resources.
Controversy, Debate and Hot Topics
by Jane Scales - Last Updated Mar 18, 2015
Use this guide to explore complex and controversial issues. Find out all sides of the debate on hot issues.
Tags: books, cite, controversy, encyclopedias, journal_articles, keywords, library_instruction
Do Databases Format Citations Correctly?
by Jane Scales - Last Updated Jul 5, 2012
Many library databases can now format citations in MLA, Chicago, APA, and other bibliographic styles. But should you trust them? This page looks at how accurate these citation generators are.
Durable Linking
by Jane Scales - Last Updated Feb 17, 2015
Library policies and information for instructors who want to link to articles from subscription databases.
Tags: durable_links, library_instruction, links
Ebook Basics
by Jane Scales - Last Updated Mar 6, 2015
This guide will give you basic information you need to find and view ebooks from the WSU Libraries.
Finding Primary Sources
by Jane Scales - Last Updated Feb 17, 2015
This libguide is intended to assist in locating primary source material within and outside the WSU Libraries.
Tags: primary; original; historic
Google Scholar Tips and Tutorials
by Jane Scales - Last Updated Jul 2, 2015
Learn how to search Google Scholar and access its information.
Tags: google_scholar, internet, journal_articles, library_instruction
Humanities Research Tools
by Jane Scales - Last Updated Feb 17, 2015
This guide provides general links and information to research tools in the Humanities. Other research guides in the Humanities are linked from the Humanities Research Tools guide.
Tags: humanities, library_instruction
Library Glossary
by Jane Scales - Last Updated Mar 8, 2012
Research and library-related terms students should know.
Tags: acronyms, library_lingo, vocabulary
Occupy Wall Street / Occupy Together
by Jane Scales - Last Updated Mar 19, 2015
This site provides a set of links to news stories, blogs, videos, and other resources about the Occupy Wall Street Movement.
Paranormal Page
by Jane Scales, Peter Sutton - Last Updated Apr 14, 2015
Qualitative Analysis / CAQDAS / ATLAS.ti
by Jane Scales - Last Updated Mar 3, 2014
ATLAS.ti is a qualitative software tool that can help you extract meaning from text, images, pdfs, Google Earth, video..
Tags: atlas.ti, caqdas, qualitative analysis
Research Issues in Your Career
by Jane Scales - Last Updated Jan 12, 2012
What topics and challenges are being discussed by professionals in your field of study? Use this guide to explore what you might find as you graduate from WSU and enter the working world.
Tags: annotations, career, trade_publications
Science (General)
by Jane Scales - Last Updated Aug 13, 2013
Tags: science
Search It FAQ
by Jane Scales - Last Updated Feb 19, 2014
Tags: search_it
WSU and Pullman Research
by Jane Scales - Last Updated Feb 15, 2012
This guide will help you locate information about Washington State University and the Pullman area.
Tags: library_instruction, pullman, wsu
WSU's Research Exchange Information
by Jane Scales - Last Updated Feb 10, 2014
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